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About us ... 

At Sensortivity we specialise in all aspects of wedding photography. We have the skills and experience needed to capture YOUR wedding at its best! We strongly believe that THE single most important quality of any great wedding photographer is – Flexibility !!

A wedding day is an organic thing. Changes occur during the course of the day and the ability to adapt to these factors is what we are about. We are energetic, fun loving, enthusiastic guys who take fantastic photos. We love what we do and have a great time doing it. We mingle with your guest, which allows us to capture those personal moments in more candid fashion.

We have built up a great reputation with our brides (and grooms) for settling their nerves with our down to earth approach. At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy YOUR wedding to its fullest. We’ve shot numerous weddings in the past and during that time have developed a unique style, unlike a lot of photographers who work alone or with an assistant shooter, we work together to provide you with the best possible coverage of your day. It’s not our style to be safe and boring, we will always look for that different shot, the personal touch, with the aim of capturing you the best possible results. 

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